At the beginning of the new millennium we strive to comprehend those values which mankind will preserve and pass on from generation to generation. Respect for this precious wisdom of classical traditions accepted and professionally reinterpreted by a contemporary artist is typical of the master of painting Vladimir Sokovnin.

Sokovnin's creative work is remarkable for the integrity of its individual vision. The poetic nature of his gift allows the artist to create a «new reality\ on the canvas, full of harmony and beauty.

When the flow of time is impetuous and notions of good and evil interpenetrate, it is extremely difficult to stay faithful to one's artistic calling.

Sokovnin's works express the feeling of his participation in the fate of Russia. This makes his art especially meaningful, deep, and influential. With his keen artistic vision he creates a world of images which is both kind and pure.


Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts
People’s Artist of the USSR
winner of State prizes
Ye.I. Zverkov



In the recent years in Russia, as well as in the West, there appeared a great many artists who spare no effort to declare with their creative work: «This is what I am, look how special and original I am, how I disregard any school which sets constraints to the freedom of my self-expression».

Meanwhile, the history of Russian and world art proves that the real peaks of creativity were attained mainly by masters who depicted the richness and beauty of the surrounding world. It is as if they say with their art: «Look, how wonderful our planet is, how unique and beautiful human beings are!»

In his creative work Vladimir Sokovnin, and such is my conviction, aspires to these very ideals. During almost two decades of our friendship he has never stopped perfecting his mastery.

Vladimir Sokovnin?s creative work is diverse: he worked as a cinema artist and as a designer, but painting became the cause of his life. He totally devotes himself to painting, working practically in every genre: portraiture, landscape painting, narrative and monumental painting.

In the best of his works Vladimir Borisovitch achieves compositional harmony and simplicity, truthfulness to nature, noble color matching, density and materiality of color. His portraits are humane and his landscapes are epic. Sokovnin pays great attention to the surface of the canvas. He aims at a «fusion» of his brushstroke, thus approaching the high examples of world art.

His contribution to the restoration of the Church of Christ the Savior in Moscow is indeed important.

The artist has reached maturity, he is in the middle of his way and is full of interesting ideas. Allow me to express my certitude that the greater part of these ideas will be successfully fulfilled.


People’s Artist of Russia
Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts
Levitin A.P.


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