At the beginning of the new millennium we strive to comprehend those values which mankind will preserve and pass on from generation to generation. Respect for this precious wisdom of classical traditions accepted and professionally reinterpreted by a contemporary artist is typical of the master of painting Vladimir Sokovnin.

Sokovnin's creative work is remarkable for the integrity of its individual vision. The poetic nature of his gift allows the artist to create a "new reality" on the canvas, full of harmony and beauty.

When the flow of time is impetuous and notions of good and evil interpenetrate, it is extremely difficult to stay faithful to one's artistic calling.

Sokovnin's works express the feeling of his participation in the fate of Russia. This makes his art especially meaningful, deep, and influential. With his keen artistic vision he creates a world of images which is both kind and pure.


Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts
People’s Artist of the USSR
winner of State prizes
Ye.I. Zverkov